300 x 600px - Electricity

Animation Notes:

1) Background gradation
- Make make the green gradation gyrate a bit - nothing distracting, just enough to add light movement. (have been using this CSS generator for similar effects https://www.gradient-animator.com/)

2) Text and text underlines
- Simple animation (fade or slide in/out), add some subtle sophistication here. 

3) Building and Cloud illustration
- the basic animation is shown here. Clouds move left > right and right > left behind the building; Clouds exit behind gradation to the right.

- As the 2nd set of text appears, the “electricity” icon should blink atop the building. This should repeat as it looks best. Animation should end with this icon showing.

4) 10% for Good logo and “Explore a greener ODM” text
- simple fade/slide in - match text from above; Add some subtle sophistication here. 

Animation should repeat 3x times with a pause between each repetition.

Total optimized file size must be below 50k. Maximum animation length is 5 seconds.

Accepted file types are: jpg, png, gif; 72 DPI; RGB color;
- All production files are send at 2x original sizes for retina output.