Volunteer Audience Growth Manager


RepUp is an easy button for weekly political activism.

We are a volunteer-based, left-leaning, politically-focused email service. Here’s how it works: Every Tuesday, we send our users one email that explains a timely political issue, along with a corresponding phone call to a representatives that’ll take five minutes or less to complete. Each email includes the contact information of the person or office to call—usually a congressperson, senator, or governor—and a persuasive, effective script. 

Launched in the spring of 2017 (in the wake of the Trump era), the service is run by several volunteers who keep the service running smoothly week-to-week. All of our volunteer resources are operationally-focused, with little resource available for audience growth. As a result, we are currently reliant on a user base of friends and family. 

We are searching for volunteers that have audience growth, marketing, PR, or partnership capabilities to help expand our reach. We are interested in people to help with both the growth strategy and the legwork to make it happen. This is a great resumé building opportunity.

Potential skillsets could include, but are not limited to: 

- PR/Press Pitches

- Content Marketing Strategy and Creation

- Partnership Building (with like-minded orgs)

- Social Media (FB, Twitter, IG)

- Product Updates - website design and language updates (we have a limited dev team)

- SEO, Link building

- Live Events partnership, promotion


To apply:

We are open to all manners of partnership. Email Mark Ramel at info@repupnow.com to discuss where you might fit in. 

All volunteers work remotely. While there will be guidance and consent required from the organization, this is largely a self-managed position.



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